giovedì 25 agosto 2016

Dot-be Michael Jeans Ch's Luis tank Rebellion Handcuff Choker @ Swank

Interesting creations for men in the current edition of Swank!
Spice is wearing the beautiful "Michael Jeans" by Dot-Be Fashion and matches the intriguing "Luis" tank by Ch's Design. At neck you can see the amazing "Handcuff Choker" necklace by Rebellion, perfect to complete a casual look!!!

: Dot-Be Fashion - Michael Jeans (@ Swank)
classic size and Adam, Aesthetic, TMP
hud 4 colors pants, 4 colors belt, 2 colors parts

Necklace: Rebellion - Handcuff Choker gacha (@ Swank)
colors: Blue, Copper, Gold, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver

Tshirt: Ch's Design - Luis tank (@ Swank)
classic size and TMP, Adam, Slink version - normal and tucked in
Hud 24 colors

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