lunedì 29 agosto 2016

::ALTER:: Pepe Mens Double Breast Vest Outfit and Aviator Sunglasses & Fedora Hat

Here are the new beautiful creations for man from ::ALTER::.
Spice is wearing the intriguing "Pepe Mens Double Breast Vest", a beautiful outfit that includes shirt, vest and pants, and matches the "Aviator Sunglasses & Fedora Hat" two wonderful accessories to make unique your style!!!
Beautiful products to put definitely in your wardrobe!!!

Outfit: ::ALTER:: - Pepe Mens Double Breast Vest Outfit [BLACK]
new release - includes pants, shirt and vest

Hat and sunglasses: ::ALTER:: - Aviator Sunglasses & Fedora Hat
new release
Discount for a week L$ 55 (regular price: L$120)
Andrew Aviator Sunglasses [Black] w. resizer menu
Fedora Hat w. resizer menu