giovedì 5 ottobre 2017

::ALTER:: Brian Boxers @ MOH Dappa Gloria Tatto @ MOM Boutique 187 Nose Line Piercing

Boxer: ::ALTER:: - Brian Boxers (@ MOH10)
Gianni, SLink, TMP, Fitmesh
Exclusive for the Hunt MOH10
customers can find at main store

Tattoo: Dappa - Gloria Tattoo (@ MOM)
for Slink, Omega, Signature, TMP
Fresh or Faded version

Nose Piercing: Boutique 187 - Nose Line Piercing (VIP Special Price)
100% Original Mesh - Resize
2 Versions are included: Simple or Double Line
Hud: 9 Screw Colors - 9 Line Colors + 1 Zebra
This item is set to 79 Ls for VIP Group Members @ the Mainstore
Public price is 149 Ls

Men Only Monthly (MOM) - September 20th to October 15th

Men Only Hunt 10 (MOH10) - October 7th to 28th
Hunt starts October 7th (8AM SLT)
Pick up the Hunt Hud at the Flair For Events office on October 7th.  
You are looking for a beer priced at 0L$ at each participating location.