mercoledì 17 maggio 2017

[kunst] Lightern Sweden Necklace RARE and Long Cig Holder mouth RARE Egoisme EXMACHINA Sunglasses Exile Outsider hair

Here the pic for the [kunst] Flickr contest!
Spice is wearing the amazing gachas "Lighter Sweden Necklace Rare" and "Long Cig Holder mouth Rare" by [kunst], both with hud to change many colors and styles, the fantastic new "EXMACHINA Sunglasses" by Egoisme Milano with lens, rim and temple customizable via hud, and the charming "Outsider hair" by Exile, exclusive release available at The Dark Style Fair!!!

Sunglasses: Egoisme - EXMACHINA Sunglasses
wide and normal version
hud with lens transparency/colors, rim and temple colors

Cigarette: [kunst] - Long Cig Holder [plain] (mouth) RARE
hud to change cigarette lenght, and cigarette/holder styles

Necklace: [kunst] - Lighter Sweden Rare Gacha Necklace
hud to change colors parts

Hair: Exile - Outsider hair (@ Dark Style Fair)
many tones available or fatpack