giovedì 9 marzo 2017

Egoisme Milano EXMACHINA Backpack MGmen's Store Pants and T-Shirt Rain @ Men Only Monthly

Beautiful new releases from MGmen's Store and Egoisme!
Spice is wearing the stunning "Pants and T-Shirt Rain" by MGmen's Store, exclusive items sold separately at Men Only Monthly and available in different colors!
In the pic you can also see the fantastic "EXMACHINA Backpack" by Egoisme Milano, a wonderful unisex accessory really well made and with customizable textures through the provided hud!

Backpack: Egoisme Milano - EXMACHINA Backpack
Hud with 4 bicolor textures, 6 flat colors textures, 3 metal colors
Resize Script

Pants: MGmen's Store - Pants Rain (@ MOM)
Signature, TMP, Standard sizes - 5 colors

T-shirt: MGmen's Store - T-Shirt Rain (@ MOM)
Signature, TMP, Standard sizes - 4 colors

Men Only Monthly (MOM)