domenica 29 gennaio 2017

-:zk:- Zara Kent Perla Boots @ Virtual Secrets Sales Room and FashionNatic Felia dress

Stylish and sensual creations come from our sponsors!
Sabrymoon is wearing the amazing "Perla Boots" by -:zk:- Zara Kent, an exclusive release that you can find at "Virtual Secrets Sales Room" event in 7 different colors with pearls textures hud... do not loose them!!!
In the picture you can also see the charming "Felia dress" by FashionNatic, really sensual and customizable choosing many colors through the hud!!

Boots: -:zk:- Zara Kent - Perla Boots (@ Virtual Secrets Sales Room)
Exclusive - 7 Colors - Pearls Textures hud
all colors are sale separately - fatpack availabe

Dress: FashionNatic - Felia dress (part of Felia Outfit)
Rigged Mini Dress for Slink Physique + Maitreya + Hourglass + Belleza (Isis, Venus, Freya) with the use of alpha hud;
Rigged Heels for Slink + Maitreya + Belleza.
Hud to choose you 45 styles & colors for the Dress, 30 colors for the Heels and 2 Colors for the Metals.
No standard Sizes

Virtual Secrets Sales Room - start February 1st

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