lunedì 10 ottobre 2016

FashionNatic Sofrita Top, Zoe Mini Skirt, Kavelia Boots, Soves Male Sneakers and Raven Shirt, Dot-be Fashion Cuffed Jeans Black and OPOPOP Design Fronzy Bandana Wrist Wrap

Many beautiful creations from our sponsors!
Sabrymoon is wearing the sexy "Zoe Mini Skirt", the intriguing "Sofrita Top" and the amazing "Kavelia Boots" by FashionNatic... really very feminine creations!!!
Spice is wearing the stunning and new "Soves Male Sneakers" and the "Raven Shirt" by FashionNatic and matches the beautiful "Cuffed Jeans Black" by Dot-Be Fashion and the cool "Fronzy Wrist Wrap" by ..::OpOpOp Design::.... wow!!!

Top: FashionNatic - Sofrita Top
Rigged Mesh Top for Slink Physique + Hourglass + Maitreya + Belleza (Venus, Freya and Isis) with the use of alpha hud!! No standard sizes
Hud with 50 Color and Textures Top

Skirt: FashionNatic - Zoe Mini Skirt
5 sizes Rigged Mesh Short + sizes for Slink Physique + Slink Hourglass + Maitreya
Hud with 30 Texture styles Skirt, 35 Texture for the belt and 2 styles for the Parts

Boots: FashionNatic - Kavelia Boots
TMP, Maitreya, Belleza (Isis / Freya / Venus), Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass
Hud to choose from 35 different colors for multiple parts - No standard sizes

Shoes: FashionNatic - Soves Male Sneakers
compatible with Slink, Adam, TMP, Signature
Hud to choose 40 different colors and styles for shoes, 25 colors for sole front part and 4 metals - No standard sizes

Shirt: FashionNatic - Raven Shirt
5 sizes Rigged Mesh Polo Shirt + Slink Male + Adam + AESTHETIC + TMP
(with the use of Alpha Hud)
Hud to Choose 40 colors & styles for the Shirt

Pants: Dot-be Fashion - Cuffed jeans black
Standard sizes, Slink and TMP

Wrist wrap: ..:: OPOPOP Design ::.. - Fronzy V#3 Bandana Mesh Wrist Wrap
hud 6 texture colors and resizer

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